Minutes of Regular Monthly Meeting of the Santa Clara Town Board held on Thursday August 10, 2017, Saranac Inn, NY Town Hall at 7:00 P.M.

Roll as follows for the Regular Monthly Meeting:

  • Marcel Webb - Supervisor
  • Thomas Kimpton - Councilman
  • David Perry - Councilman
  • Richard Lyon - Councilman
  • John Murray - Councilman
  • Andrew McGill - Superintendent of Highways

  • None

    Recording Secretary:
  • Laurie McGill - Town Clerk

Regular monthly meeting called to order by Supervisor Webb. Motion by Rick Lyon, seconded by Tom Kimpton to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. All members voting Aye. Motion carried. Motion by John Murray, seconded by Rick Lyon to accept the minutes. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Upper Saranac Foundation sent an email to Supervisor Webb requesting the Towns support on the Foundation’s position on the proposed Unit Management Plan by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The Foundation feels the plan would create greater usage of Upper Saranac Lake and the surrounding areas causing a greater risk of invasive species in the lake. Motion by Rick Lyon, seconded by John Murray to write a letter in support of the Upper Saranac Foundation’s position. Webb, Lyon, Kimpton and Murray voted Aye. Perry voted Nay. Dave Perry is in support of the letter but feels that the private boat launches accessing the lake should be addressed as well as the State boat launches. The Board agreed to add Dave’s concern in the letter that supports the Foundation.

Back Bay Association Motion by Rick Lyon, seconded by John Murray to add as a sponsor group the Back Bay Association to the Town’s insurance policy. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Supervisor Webb advised the first bond interest payment is due September 1, 2017 on the Community Center/Town Hall. The next payment is the bond due in March 2018.

Jeep update The Boys Scouts of American now own the jeep.

Charter Communications – Supervisor Webb reported that he has written to Charter Communications advising them that the rent for the building they have on Town property has not been paid in 3 years.

Open Discussion – Jim Dalheim advised the Board that he is resigning from the Variance Board as of September 1, 2017. Supervisor Webb accepted his resignation with regret and thanked Jim for his years of service on the Variance Board.

Michelle Brown Garcia thanked the Town for allowing her to hold the Boater Safety course again this year in the community room. She had a good turnout for both the July and August classes.

Dan Whitson, Chief of Paul Smiths Gabriels Fire Department presented a proposal to the Board for fire coverage. The proposal is for when the current contract with Tupper Lake Fire Department ends.

Good of the Town

Superintendent McGill reported that the air conditioning unit, for the community room, fan broke. J Hogan Refrigeration was contacted and came and checked it out. The unit is under warranty and the parts will be replaced or a new unit installed. Superintendent McGill reported that the highway department will assist the Town of Duane one day next week with paving, the county road has been mowed, the roads on the park have been mowed and the department has been working on the Blue Mountain road to repair damage by the log trucks. Once the paving company is available the Keese Mills Road down by the Park will be paved.

Rick Lyon asked about a blinking light at the Floodwood Road and Route 30 intersection because of all the accidents there recently. Superintendent McGill stated he spoke with Robbie Haynes of NYS DOT about the light. Mr. Haynes is going to speak with his superiors and get back to Andy.

Dave Perry asked Guy Middleton of the Upper Saranac Foundation if they also requested support from the Town of Harrietstown. Guy stated yes they have.

General Fund vouchers No. 202 to 221 in the amount of $8,628.52 and Highway Fund vouchers No. 71 to 82 in the amount of $6,649.13 were audited by the Board. Motion by Tom Kimpton seconded by Rick Lyon to approve vouchers and pay audited vouchers. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn at 8:01 P.M. made by Dave Perry, seconded by John Murray. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

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