Minutes of the Regular Monthly Meeting of the Santa Clara Town Board held on Thursday, June 9, 2016, Saranac Inn, NY Town Hall at 7:00 P.M.

Roll as follows for the Public Hearing and Regular Monthly Meeting:

  • Marcel Webb - Supervisor
  • Thomas Kimpton - Councilman
  • Philip Durkin - Councilman
  • Andrew McGill - Superintendent of Highways
  • David Perry - Councilman
  • Richard Lyon - Councilman
    Recording Secretary:
  • Laurie McGill - Town Clerk

Regular monthly meeting called to order by Supervisor Webb. Motion by Phil Durkin, seconded by Tom Kimpton to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. All members voting Aye. Motion carried. Motion by Tom Kimpton, seconded by Phil Durkin to accept the minutes. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Community Center Update

Supervisor Webb reported that the General Contractor has finished up all the outstanding items that needed to be completed on the building. The two birch trees planted out front are dead and the contractor is sending the company that planted them up to look at them and replace them as they are under warranty.

Septic Systems

Guy Middleton reported that the person he will be having speak at a Town Board meeting is available for the August meeting. Supervisor Webb asked if Guy would check and see if it could be rescheduled to the September Board meeting.

New Sign for Building

There was nothing to report as Councilman Lyon was detained downstate for work.

Open Discussion

Michelle Brown Garcia stated she read in the "Mail Boat" that Friends of Eagle Island were having the Land Use Code amended. Supervisor Webb stated there has been no formal request to amend the Land Use Code. Once there is one, it will have to go before the Town's Planning Board. If the Planning Board recommends the change, there must be a Public Hearing on the amendment, the Town Board would then have to adopt it as a change to the local law and it would have to be filed with the Secretary of State.

Michelle Brown Garcia also inquired as to who is doing the Dog Control for the Town. We are contracted with the Tri Lakes Humane Society in Saranac Lake. The contact information is on the Town's website.

Good of the Town

General Fund vouchers No. 157 to 178 in the amount of $5,078.32, Building Fund vouchers No. 11 to 12 in the amount of $3,157.71 and Highway Fund vouchers No. 55 to 63 in the amount of $3,138.58 were audited by the Board. Motion by Phil Durkin seconded by Tom Kimpton to approve vouchers and pay audited vouchers. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn at 7:30 P.M. made by Tom Kimpton, seconded by Phil Durkin. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

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