Minutes of the Regular Monthly Meeting of the Santa Clara Town Board held on Thursday, November 17, 2016, Saranac Inn, NY Town Hall at 7:00 P.M.

Roll as follows for the Regular Monthly Meeting:

  • Marcel Webb - Supervisor
  • Thomas Kimpton - Councilman
  • David Perry - Councilman
  • Richard Lyon – Councilman
  • Andrew McGill – Superintendent of Highways

  • Philip Durkin – Councilman

Recording Secretary: Laurie McGill – Town Clerk

Regular monthly meeting called to order by Supervisor Webb. Motion by Tom Kimpton, seconded by Rick Lyon to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. All members voting Aye. Motion carried. Motion by Tom Kimpton, seconded by Dave Perry to accept the minutes. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Donaldson Property Assessment – Motion by Dave Perry, seconded by Rick Lyon to appeal the decision made by Judge Richard Meyer on the assessment value of the George A. Donaldson & Sons, Inc. Property. The appeal will be heard by Judge John Ellis. All members voting Aye. Motion carried

New Signs for Building – Rick Lyon reported that the signs have been completed. He is in the process of scheduling a time for them to be put up on the building. Rick will have the final designs for the Fire Department sign shortly to share with the Board and to select one. Tom Kimpton will schedule the lighting for the new signs once they are installed. New and improved lighting has been added to the old informational sign in the yard. DEC Recreational Trail Meeting - Supervisor Webb was not able to attended the meeting on November 8th so there was nothing to report.

Budget Adoption – New York State still has not certified the Town’s 2017 budget therefore it still cannot be adopted. Under the Tax Cap Law the budget must be certified by New York State before it can be adopted. The Town will hold a special meeting to adopt it as soon as the certification is received.

Friends of Eagle Island - Three letters have been received on the proposed amendment and given to all Board members. They were also available for those who attended the Board Meeting. The Public Hearing on the proposed amendment is scheduled for December 8, 2016 at 6 P.M.

Open Discussion - Michelle Brown- Garcia asked Supervisor Webb if he would let the Town know when the Fire Department Substation was official. Supervisor Webb advised it is official now.

Elizabeth (Wendy) Walcott inquired how the building Boards worked and if the Town paid the individuals on the Boards. Wendy was advised that the individuals on the Planning and Variance Boards are all Town volunteers.

Guy Middleton reported that 9 ½ tons of Milfoil was removed from Fish Creek Ponds in a 4 week period this year. That would be the Fish Creek Ponds on the west side of the bridge where the camp grounds are located. Guy has also been surveying the lakes the last 2 years for another invasive species the Asian Clam. To date none have been found here but they are a big problem in the Lake George area.

Good of the Town

Superintendent McGill reported that the Town Hall in the Hamlet has been closed down. The heat has been turned off and all water pipes have been drained. This will save the Town money on fuel oil for that building. It is still being used as cold storage and the Fire Boat has been moved down there for the winter. Superintendent McGill had to replace the windshield in the pickup truck. It was cracked during the snowstorm in October.

Supervisor Webb advised that with the water quality report for the Community Center coming back with high iron content the Town will be installing a water filter system. The Town’s Highway Department employee, who is also a master plumber, will be installing it.

Tom Kimpton asked about the front doors and the flag pole light. Supervisor Webb advised that he has been in contact with Friends Commercial Contracting about the front doors. Hopefully there will be a resolution soon. Supervisor Webb has also been in contact by both phone and letter with Perras Construction about the broken flag pole light. The Town’s Engineer on the building project agreed that the light was broken from the start and should never have been installed. Supervisor Webb is going to have the Town’s Attorney write them a letter about replacing the light.

General Fund vouchers No. 280 to 303 in the amount of $7,783.25, Building Fund vouchers No. 20 to 21 in the amount of $322.98 and Highway Fund vouchers No. 102 to 117 in the amount of $48,305.14 were audited by the Board. Motion by Rick Lyon seconded by Tom Kimpton to approve vouchers and pay audited vouchers. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn at 8:52 P.M. made by Dave Perry, seconded by Rick Lyon. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

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