Minutes of the Regular Monthly Meeting of the Santa Clara Town Board held on Thursday September 14, 2017, Saranac Inn, NY Town Hall at 7:00 P.M.

Roll as follows for the Regular Monthly Meeting:

  • Marcel Webb - Supervisor
  • Thomas Kimpton - Councilman
  • David Perry - Councilman
  • Richard Lyon - Councilman
  • John Murray - Councilman

  • Andrew McGill - Superintendent of Highways

    Recording Secretary:
  • Laurie McGill - Town Clerk

Regular monthly meeting called to order by Supervisor Webb. Motion by Tom Kimpton, seconded by John Murray to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. All members voting Aye. Motion carried. Motion by Rick Lyon, seconded by Dave Perry to accept the minutes. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Preliminary/Tentative Budget has been completed for 2018. Copy of this budget is available for view in the Town Clerks Office and will be put on the Town website. A Public Hearing has been set for October 12, 2017 at 6:30 P.M.

Supervisor Webb wanted to thank Jim Dalheim for his service on the Variance Board and the Board of Assessment Review. Jim served for many years on both boards and Supervisor Webb appreciates his dedication and years of service to the Town. On a motion by Tom Kimpton, seconded by Rick Lyon the Board appointed Todd Hall to the Variance Board to replace Jim Dalheim. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Supervisor Webb stated that the volunteers for the Substation of the Tupper Lake Volunteer Fire Department have passed the background checks and have been voted into the Tupper Lake Volunteer Fire Department and approved by the Village of Tupper Lake. These new members will need to take 6 hours of required training. Todd Hall will be the liaison between the Santa Clara fire fighters and the Tupper Lake Department.

Rent Update on Charter Communications Building - Supervisor Webb has been in contact with Charter Communication regarding the 4 years of back rent they owe for having their building on Town property. An agreement has been reached and the 4 years back rent is to be paid this month totaling approximately $10,000.00. Charter Communications has advised that within the next 2 months the building will be shut down and all the equipment will be moved out of it. Supervisor Webb advised them that the equipment was not to be removed until the check for the past due rent is received. The building will be left standing for the Town to use.

Open Discussion - Ron Otten thanked the Town for their assistance in getting the new Fire Boat dock in place at Young Life Saranac Village. Supervisor Webb advised that the State of New York has given permission to put in gravel for the parking space. Once the necessary trees are removed by Young Life the gravel will be put in.

Dick Gunthert from Fish Creek Park expressed his concern with the single family dwelling that the Point Resort just purchased. They have remove most of the trees on the property and put in a very large paved parking area. He is also concerned about the placement of the septic system. Supervisor Webb advised he would discuss this with the Town's Code Enforcement Official.

Good of the Town

Superintendent McGill was unable to attend the meeting but left a report with the Supervisor as follows:

  • Paving and the shoulder work on the Keese Mills Road is complete.
  • Floodwood Road has been graded.
  • 95% of the brush on the roads has been removed and chipped including the Hamlet.
  • Robbie Haynes from NYS DOT advised there would be no caution light for the Floodwood Road intersection. The engineers feel there is enough signs placed at the intersection that a light is not needed.
  • Speed Limit request on Keese Mills Road has not come back from the State yet.

Tom Kimpton asked where the Theodore Susice claim for the damage of his car on the Everton Road stood. The claim was turned into the Town's insurance company and the insurance company denied the claim.

Rick Lyon asked about the light on the flag pole. Tom Kimpton advised he would contact the electrician and state it needs to be completed this week.

Rick Lyon stated he had a drone hover over his property for a long period of time. He contacted New York State Police and was advised they could do nothing as the drones are governed by the FAA. He was advised it was illegal to shoot them down. If the drone is flying over there is nothing to be done but if it hovers around your property causing a nuisance then there may be something that can be done. Rick asked Justice Michelle Brown Garcia if she would look into this and see what she could find.

General Fund vouchers No. 222 to 244 in the amount of $18,391.35 and Highway Fund vouchers No. 83 to 98 in the amount of $92,475.97 were audited by the Board. Motion by Rick Lyon seconded by John Murray to approve vouchers and pay audited vouchers. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn at 7:44 P.M. made by Dave Perry, seconded by Tom Kimpton. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

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