Town Laws

.Local Law 01-2023 Regulating Short-Term Rentals of Residential Property in the Town of Santa Clara 

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Local Law 02-2022 Opting out of Licensure and Establishment of Cannabis Retail Dispensaries and/or Cannabis On-Site Consumption Establishments within the Town of Santa Clara

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Local Law No. 3 2021 Amend Land Use Code for Commercial Marinas

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Local Law #1 of 2018 - Uniform Fire Code

Enacted On 6/14/18. Click here.

Local Law # 1 of 2017 - A Local Law Amending The Town Of Santa Clara Land Use Law Relating To Pre-Existing Nonconforming Uses

Enacted On 1/25/17. Click here.

Local Law #3 of 2016 Parking Ordinance

Enacted On October 2016, Click here.

Local Law 02-2013 Land Use to Provide Exemption for Town Projects

Enacted On August 2013. Click here.

Local Law 01-2013 Fireworks

Enacted On January 2013. Click here.

Code of Ethics Law

Local Law No. 1, 2012. Click here.

Local Law No. 1 Dog Control

Enacted On December 9, 2010. Click here.

Local Law No. 1 Regulating The Use Outdoor Wood Boilers

Enacted On July 24, 2009. Click here.

Local Law No. 2 Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention

Enacted On July 24, 2009. Click here

Local Law #1 of 2000 Land Use Code

Enacted On December 2015, Click here